Requirements & Installation

The installation of a InChI Resolver instance requires Docker CE 17.09 and Docker Compose 1.17 on your system or cloud space. After cloning the InChI Resolver GitHub repository, follow the installation guide at the README file. All prerequisites for starting up a local InChI Resolver instance are provide as pre-built images from Dockerhub.


History & Current Status

The InChI Resolver is still in a prototype status, however its development has created Chembience (GitHub repository) as spin-off open-source project. As a Python-based, easily extentable platform, Chembience provides all infrastructure-related components (modern software delivery mechanism, web server, and database server) for the development of web-based (chemoinformatics) services. Chembience has been first released publicly in March 2018 and has since seen more than 10 releases. The InChI Resolver is now based on the developments which have been bundled in Chembience.